enterprise resource planing

enterprise resource planing

enterprise resource planing

We provide systems analysis services to develop or establish companies’ requirements. We are setting the required documents’ samples for development process, and managing & implementing development projects, directly through companies, beside documenting business stages

We have many partnerships in the field of developing administrative, commercial and financial systems to save the Arab market’s needs of applications, by saving the following:

  • Desktop & web applications
  • Applications work under various databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Jet, Sybase). If they were developed by using Oracle or Microsoft development tools.

Integrated financial & administrative system (Enterprise resource planning – Flow ERP).

  • Working on all Databases
  • Working on any documentary cycle
  • Multi-companies support
  • Existing in two versions (Desktop & web)
  • Connecting headquarter with branches (Online & Offline)
  • Modifying business cycle anytime
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Top secret
  • High Speed
  • Technical Support 24/7

The ERP System includes a group of modules such as:

  • Procurement
  • Stock control
  • Sales
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cash & Banks
  • General Ledgers
  • Budget

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