Integrated Solutions & Feasibility Studies

Integrated Solutions & Feasibility Studies

The successful project is (Idea- Good planning – Financing – Good implementation). Al-Gawhar for Investments & Development founded to present integrated solutions and technical &financing studies for working companies in different fields and start-up companies, across providing integrated scientific, technical, and Financing solutions.

We are not sitting on making studies, but we are a partner in the success of these projects, through supervising and contributing in supply production lines sad machinery for operating process and assignment of required professional and technical cadres. In addition to supervising training and developing of workers.

We held a number of international partnerships of implementing projects by using a Turnkey project. We are not only a company presents studies, or supply machinery, production lines, and filling & packing lines, but we are a company provides integrated industrial solutions that contributing in pushing the development wheel in Arab countries.

Also, we established specialized units to answer all investors’ queries about their start-up projects (services and industrial), as well as the located projects, which in need to develop,such as:
Does this industry or service is required at the local and global market, or not?
Does the product that they plan to produce will bea competitor in the quality and price or not?
What does the required capital for investment?
What is the revenue from the invested capital?
What is the expected income during the project time?
What are the required raw materials and its cost?
What is the expected scale of production and its cost?
What are the required land area for the project and the volume of buildings over it?
What is the preparations and infrastructure that they need for this industry?
What is the amount of energy required to operate the project?
How many workers required and their qualifications?
What is the ideal productive capacity for operating?
What kind of machines, its sources, technical specifications, and productive capacity?

We established the Economic Research & Studies Center, to answer all those queries and questions. The Center presents the following studies:

1- Market Studies:
These studies aim to explore the markets, which products will be marketed, the volume of submission expected, competitors and their abilities, in addition to strong and weak points of the product and competitors
2-Technical Studies:
These studies provide the required technical specifications that should be available in the production lines, its capabilities, technology, the product’s technical specification, and its nature.

3- Legal Studies
In these type of studies, we present a summary of the laws that will depend on it in the process of establishing the project. In addition to, the laws that will be apply to the establishment and labor laws.

4- Environment & Community Studies:

These studies indicate the project’s effect on the community and environment around it. Studies explain what should be available of community services for guarantee no external pressure factors may affect the project.

5- Economic & Financial Feasibility Studies:

The Economic and Financial study is made to determine the economic feasibility that indicates scale of required capital, costs, expected revenue and range of winning and losing, across a group of true steps that should be followed to do any project in a successful way.

Examples of former studies prepared by Al-Gawhar’s Staff:
• Paper Pencils’ Feasibility Study:
• Plastic buttons’ Feasibility Study:
• PET Plastic Recycling Feasibility Study:
Foods Filling & Packing Studies:
• Mushroom Pop Corn’s Filling & Packing Study:
• Oats Filling & Packing Study:
• Basmati rice Filling & Packing Study:

Market Studies:
– PET Raw Materials’ Study
– Plastic Buttons’ Study
– Paper Pencils’ Study
– Socks Study
– Mushroom Pope Corn’s Study
– Basmati rice Study
– Oats Study
– Pomegranate Study

Due Diligence Studies:
– Due Diligence study about commodities which are known as provocative goods in Egypt.
– Due Diligence study about generating energy by waste recycling.